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Multiple System Operators

Investor Information

53 Million Homes and Businesses Passed
Basic Video Subs: 23 Million
Digital Video: 22 Million
HD/DVR: 10 Million
High-Speed: 19 Million
Voice: 9 Million
Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
Website: Comcast Website

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39 Million Homes Passed
Basic Video: 18.2 Million
High-Speed: 13.1 Million
Voice: 6.4 Million

Headquarters: Stamford, CT
Website: Charter Communications Website

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10 Million Homes Passed
Basic Video: 4.8 Million
Digital Video: 2.9 Million
High-Speed: 3.5 Million
Voice: 2.2 Million

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Website: Cox Communications Website

Privately Held by Cox Enterprises

7.8 Million Homes Passed
Basic Video: 4.5 Million
High-Speed: 3.8 Million
Voice: 2.6 Million

Headquarters: Bethpage, NY
Website: Altice USA Website

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2.8 Million Homes Passed
Basic Video: 1.1 Million
Digital Video: 678K
High-Speed: 778K
Voice: 287K

Headquarters: Middletown, NY
Website: Mediacom Website

Privately Held
2nd and 3rd Tier Cable Operators:
WideOpenWest Networks702,101
CableOne Inc593,615
RCN Corp.327,631
Atlantic Broadband Group LLC247,792
Midcontinent Communications236,250
Armstrong Cable Services234,573
Service Electric Cable TV Incorporated213,058
MetroCast Cablevision164,921
Blue Ridge Communications164,796
WaveDivision Holdings LLC152,975
General Communications140,000
Buckeye CableSystem130,954