Why are clients hiring us?


  • Client A: Increased revenue to MSOs 61%.
  • Established regional firms that increased sales in first year 47%.
  • Continue to expand sales and service by recruiting the best in the industry.

  • The ECAM Group companies provide comprehensive sales and service expertise to companies who sell operational networking products and solutions to the cable TV marketplace. We offer corporate account representation through The ECAM Group and regional representation through Giganet Sales and Teracom Sales. Clients benefit by tapping into our network of relationships and leveraging our sales expertise in growing their revenues to the MSOs.


  • Client B: Increased revenue to MSOs 66% in the first year after helping them to establish a cable TV specific sales force.
  • Client C: Increased market share 200% by revamping sales, customer service and technical support personnel and processes.
  • We offer organizational consulting to our clients to help them improve their alignment with the needs of their customers. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of our clients current market situation, their manpower and resources and provide recommendations, training and mentoring as needed.




Staying abreast of opportunities and winning acceptance at the corporate level is perhaps the most critical step toward selling your products to the big MSOs. That's where the ECAM Group gives you a huge advantage. Corporate coverage is an essential ingredient to sales success in this market, but no sales organization is complete without regional coverage. The ECAM Group's regional rep firms--Giganet Sales and Teracom Sales--are high-performing, well-respected organizations in their respective markets.