Our manufacturer clients understand the ECAM advantage:

•The ECAM team partners are all CATV lifers—with over 80 years of combined industry experience

•We provide the most cost-effective route to approvals, sales growth, and relationship-building at the top MSOs


Key decision makers at the top MSOs like our model:

•In a one-hour meeting, they can cover business with 4-6 vendors

•We are neutral! MSOs use us as liaison with vendors on difficult topics

•They trust us, because they know us


We’ve built winning sales teams for years. We can help yours too:

•Manufacturers consult with us to optimize their sales organizations. Some have entrusted the complete rebuilding of their sale teams to the ECAM Group.

•We can offer mentorship and recruiting guidance to sales executives.



In the ever changing MSO environment there are intensifying elements required to serve them. Our programs are tailored to help you build teams and processes designed to win business and entrench your firm as a long term partner to the MSO.

We work closely with the key decision makers at the major MSOs in an ongoing effort to understand where their pain lies and how they would like their vendors to serve them. Applying this feedback to our training programs helps our clients realign their strategies and resources where appropriate to make themselves viable long-term and committed suppliers to the MSOs.

You have the option to engage us fulltime by contracting us a strategic partner (recommended). Or, you can contract us on where you need the most improvement.


Contract ECAM to become your strategic partner and work all areas of sales and service on an ongoing basis. As a partner we work with you and your teams to assess all facets of your organizations programs as they relate to serving the needs of the MSO marketplace. These activities include serving as a liaison with MSO contacts, engaging in ongoing strategy development and adjustments, helping with bids, aiding in sales situations, coaching and so much more.